How to Make Stress Your Friend!

Video_Kelly-McGonigal_How-to-make-stress-your-friendToday’s blog shares my favorite TED talk, which is about making stress your friend. A good friend of mine introduced me to this because I am a sucker for motivational talks.

I am really keen on positive affiliation. What and how we think about certain things can have a huge positive/negative impact on our health. So back to the Kelly McGonigal, she asked her audience, “do you believe stress is harmful for your health?” The ultimate point she was trying to make was that you can make stress to be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. What you think matters! She also asked “can changing how you think about stress make you healthier?” the science says yes.

When you change your mind about stress, you change your body’s response to stress. In other words how you think about stress actually matters! It is pretty fascinating to me, how our minds have the power to change the outcome of what we are feeling. It is all in our control whether we want to be stressed out or whether we take stress as a way that it is preparing our body for whatever thing we are stressing for. If your heart is pounding when next time you are up and giving a presentational talk or conversing with friends, then think of it as it is giving you energy to do that task. Pretty amazing eh?

Another interesting point was that oxytocin is a stress hormone that is tend to make you compassionate, caring and the job is so strengthen your relationship with others. A study was conducted in which they found that people age 34 to 93 with financial issues or any family crisis had an increased risk of dying by 30%. Whereas, people who spend time caring for others showed no stress related in dying risks. So caring created resilience.

How we think and act can transform our experiences of stress.

And I want to wrap this blog with Kelly’s message that “chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort.” –-It basically means to trust yourself with anything that you follow and feel passionate about and trust yourself to handle the stress that comes with it.
To listen to the talk, click on the link below:
 Make Stress your Friend