The Basics of SEO

Today’s blog shares tips on SEO to help us understand it better. I understand it is not health or lifestyle related, just thought to blog something different. Also, I have previously blogged about this on a different platform, Conscious Public Relations Inc.

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Why is SEO Important?

‘Why isn’t anyone commenting on my blog?’ ‘Who looks at my Facebook page?’ ‘Why are my website stats so bad?’ If you want to ensure your content reaches the audiences you are targeting, then you may need to understand some basics about SEO!

So, ‘What is search engine optimization?’ ‘Why is it important?’ and ‘How can we use it?’

SEO = Search Engine Optimation. Using keywords, linking, and page descriptions (also tagging).

Here are the 8 tips that were shared with me by someone who is an expert in this field, my instructor.

1) With your blog URL – you want to ensure the URL contains words (keywords) that are easy to find and fit your content. So for example, is simple and states the news. It’s not easy to do this if you are using WordPress online as you have the ‘wordpress’ part of the URL. When you use the downloaded version of wordpress then it omits this part – however you then need to pay for web hosting.

2) Ensure you have words that are related to your content in your page description (news, stories, breaking news and so on). So, use these words within your page description. The description may be in your page set up area – it really depends on the blog service you are using.

3) Ensure you use the above words in your headings (where possible and without going overboard)

4) Use these keywords in your content (without going overboard again)

5) Add tags to each post (these are keywords again such as news, story etc)

6) Add plenty of (relevant) links within your content

7) Add (relevant) links at the end of your content

8) Comment on others blog pages and add your blog link to the comment

It’s worth being a bit realistic as it also depends on your content. For example if I have a blog about ‘Health and Lifestyle’ it would be very difficult for me to get my blog to the first page of google page results with all of the competition out there.