Top 5 Health Trends in 2014

This blog is about healthy trends for the year 2014. I hope you enjoy it.

Focusing on the ingredients

It is vital to look at the ingredients when choosing your product; the more nutritious dense the labelling, the better the quality of the product. Of course, moderation is the key even with healthier ingredients. The more nutrient dense your food is, the more beneficial it is to your health. Watch for recipes that are using ingredients like fibre, protein, healthy fats and antioxidants, as they are healthier choice.

Shopping with technology


Another great trend in health is the use of your pocket phone and computers. We already use our cell phone to make a grocery list, how about letting your phone and computer to do the shopping for you? Sounds pretty cool huh? There are some local supermarket chains that offer shop- and-drop-services, letting you to add produce to your shopping cart from the comfort of your home. The other day, I was feeling lazy to get up and walk around the aisle in the grocery market, instead I relaxed on my bed and took the advantage of online shopping. It was super convenient.

Swapping out red meat (this one is my personal favourite)

According to the article, 2014 is the year if you want to decrease the red meat consumption to improve cardiovascular health, and risks of developing chronic diseases. Different mushroom types, chicken, and turkey are great replacements. Mushrooms, particularly popular in burgers.

Including the intake of grains and chia seeds in your diet

A small change of adding whole grain to your diet can do wonder. Next time you are out shopping try picking whole grain pasta, and bread. Also, adding chia seeds in your diet. It cannot be stressed enough the benefits of chai seeds. For once, chia seeds deliver a good amount of nutrients with few calories. Also, chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants. More importantly, one of the articles point out that “antioxidants fight the production of free radicals, which can damage molecules in cells and contribute to ageing and diseases like cancer.” Pretty impressive huh!

Staying fit and active


I think this is not a new trend, but an ongoing trend that many people would like to include in their daily routine. Who wouldn’t like to stay fit and active, we all do right? But we also know that it is not easy, it requires persistence, determination and focus. If we are focus in our goal and be persistent on achieving it then it is possible. A small change in habit, such as a walk to a grocery market instead of taking your car can be a major change of life style in your health.

These are the top five heath trends according to my research. What is your top health trends for 2014?

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