Five Steps to Mental Well-being

Here’s another blog entry after ages. I got busy with massive school work.
I have been reading quite a bit on mental health  because it is the focus of my dissertation. I came across this one article that caught my attention. The article points out few steps for leading a positive mental attitude and the positive factors that are associated with keeping a positive outlook. According to the study, mental well-being is more than just being happy. There is more to it than what we think we know. It is about feelings of contentment, enjoyment, confidence and engagment with the world.

Here are five steps to a healthy mind that the NHS article points out:

1. Connect with people around you: Your friends, neighbor, coworker, and family. Engage with the world and spend time in the presence of others.
2. Be active – find an activity that you enjoy and make that part of your life. It can be as simple as going for a walk.
3. Keep learning – pick up a hobby or learn a new skill, as it adds a sense of achievement and that a lone can boost our self-esteem and self confidence.
4. Give to others – be kind and generous towards others. A simple thank you and a smile can make a lot of difference.
5. Be mindful of the people around you – take notice of everday life and live in the present moment.

I hope you find this helpful and use it as a starting point.

For more on mental well-being you can refer to the NHS site.
NHS Site